Your story should make the listener, watcher or reader feel something

Communication experts understand the importance of delivering a compelling story, drawing inspiration from disciplines like professional acting. Your story should make the listener, watcher or reader feel something.
Know the story inside and out before presenting it to customers. The beauty of storytelling is that there are endless ones to tell. The ability to deliver a story in an imaginative and memorable way is a hugely valuable skill and can help you to enhance and communicate your message with much greater impact.The art of storytelling in business is key when you are looking to engage with senior managers, stakeholders or colleagues.

Your products and services help people do something every day. Your stories can provoke a feeling of FOMO (fear of missing out). A great business story leaves your audience with something. Use the same colors, logo, and slogan for digital and print marketing materials. Storytelling is a useful and meaningful tool for communicating, influencing and persuading both your colleagues and key stakeholders - that's why storytelling in business really works.

Stories are about people. The top ten companies also generated 50% more income and increased in value more than twice than the companies in the bottom ten. Problems create the reason why things exist. A like button doesn’t automatically make a broadcast more interactive. Perhaps you did something which helped another business win a contract or saved them lots of money.

An easy story to tell which enables your audience to put themselves in the shoes of one of your characters is how you solved a problem. A brand story has a strategic purpose aimed towards drawing people in. If your business has a vision that audiences can believe and buy into then you are more likely to be successful. Storytelling leaders include John Harvey Jones, Peter Senge, Jack Welch, Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela, the Buddha and Jesus Christ. Great storytelling is becoming decentralized both inside and outside the organization.